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Last Meeting - June 13, 2015

The Early To Bed Tent Meeting of June 13, 2015 began with Bob Duncan leading us in the singing of the Sons Of The Desert song along with the traditional toasts to Stan, Babe and the talented troupe of players from the Hal Roach Studios. Our evening was a remembrance of the 125th anniversary of Stan Laurel’s birth plus a salute to the Sons Of The Desert’s Ambassador of Goodwill, Dwain Smith, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday. After some news and announcements, Bob began his introductions of our “Smith” film program by offering a brief biography of Dwain Smith with memories also shared by Stan Taffel and his many years of friendship with Dwain. The first film in our program was a musical short titled “The Name Was Smith” with Virginia Rees and Arthur Whitney. This was followed by an educational short titled “The Smith System Of No Accident Driving” from 1956. The first segment of our film program ended with Stan Laurel starring in “Smithy”, a Hal Roach Studios silent short comedy co-starring James Finlayson. After a brief intermission, the boys performed a “show and tell” of many items made from wood in “The Tree In A Test Tube” narrated by Pete Smith. Next, Charley Chase continued providing the laughs in “One Of The Smiths”, a two-reel comedy from the “Lot Of Fun” in 1931. During our next break, everyone had a chance to enjoy a slice of birthday cake in honor of Stan Laurel’s birthday. Additionally, eight of our members won some very nice prizes in our traditional raffle. Bill Burgess, who celebrated his 83rd birthday the following Monday after our meeting, was the winner of our Silent Auction, a framed collage of photos covering the life of Stan Laurel. The film program and evening concluded with Stan and Ollie in search of Mr. Smith, the father of Eddie’s child, in their 1932 feature, “Pack Up Your Troubles”. Thank you to Alan Aperlo for donating the proceeds of his DVD and book sales (which will be added to our annual contribution at our August ETB Tent meeting) for the Laurel & Hardy Preservation Fund at the UCLA Film & Television Archive. Our gratitude to Stan Taffel for not only loaning us his 16mm prints of “The Smith System Of No Accident Driving” and “One Of The Smiths”, but also for projecting the films for the evening. Another great and rare selection of photos was on display thanks to the courtesy of Bob Duncan. To the volunteer students at Temple City High School, your help in setting up our “theater” was very much appreciated. As always, to those of you made the long and short drive to be with us, a very sincere thank you. To our ever faithful “Night Owls” who stayed after the meeting to help us close up shop, an ETB Tent salute goes out to each and everyone of you.

Next Meeting - August 8, 2015

The Early To Bed Tent will be winding down summer and start heading into the fall season at our next meeting on Saturday evening, August 8, 2015. The highlight of this gathering will be our 5th annual fund raiser for the Laurel & Hardy Preservation Fund at the UCLA Film & Television Archive. Among some of the Laurel & Hardy comedies that have already been restored for this project are: The Music Box, The Midnight Patrol, Busy Bodies, Helpmates, County Hospital and De Bote en Bote (the Spanish version of Pardon Us). The funds from this upcoming meeting’s raffle, refreshments and Silent Auction will be donated to support this wonderful effort. Also at our next meeting, we’ll be paying tribute to one of Stan and Ollie’s favorite foils, James Finlayson, with a “Fin-tastic” film program in which Fin appears in all of these classic comedies. Our traditional raffle and ETB Tent refreshment stand will be ready for you with hot dogs, sodas and more. As always, we will meet at the Westminster Presbyterian Church located at 9642 East Live Oak Avenue in Temple City, California. The doors open up at 6:00PM and the fun begins at 6:45PM. We hope to see you there!

Film Program

Dizzy Daddies  (1926) 

With Love And Hisses  (1927) 

 Jitters The Butler  (1932) 

A Hasty Marriage  (1931) 

Way Out West  (1937)