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Last Meeting - October 8, 2016

The Early To Bed Tent Meeting of October 8, 2016 began with our good friend Bob Duncan leading us in the singing of the Sons Of The Desert song and the toasts to Stan, Babe and those lovable laugh-makers from the "Lot Of Fun" at the Hal Roach Studios. After some announcements about upcoming events, everyone enjoyed viewing our first three films of the evening. In a birthday salute to Buster Keaton, we saw him in a brief “Candid Camera” sequence as he made people laugh with his antics at a diner. In a second birthday tribute, Charley Chase starring with Thelma Todd in “The Pip From Pittsburg” provided more laughs. The first part of our program concluded with the hilarious short, “Any Old Port” as Stan and Ollie went up against a menacing Walter Long.


After a brief break, we continued with “Corpus Delicti”, a 1955 episode of the television series, “My Little Margie” where the portrait of Dean Williams from Laurel & Hardy’s “A Chump At Oxford” was resurrected as a sight gag in this show. Up next was “The Kid From Borneo”, an Our Gang comedy with "Uncle George" from 1933. During the second intermission, our traditional raffle produced eleven winners taking home some nice prizes. Folllowing the raffle, an unannounced surprise film was introduced by Stan Taffel as he shared the news of how film archivist, Jon Mirsalis had discovered the lost second reel of Stan and Ollie’s classic silent comedy, “The Battle Of The Century”, in a collection of films he had obtained. All of us had the opportunity to see this rare film in its entirety thanks to Jim Harwood, who was kind of enough to bring his 16mm print to our gathering. Providing the creative and entertaining musical accompaniment for us on the piano was Scott Lasky, the musical director of the Famous Players Orchestra. Bob Duncan wrapped up the film program by introducing the boys in “A Chump At Oxford” from 1940.


As always, a special thank you goes to Bob Duncan for not only his great information about the films we saw, but also for sharing some more of his amazing collection of still photos. It was great to see author Randy Skretvedt and Rob Ray with Randy bringing copies of his incredible masterpiece book about the boys, “Laurel & Hardy: The Magic Behind The Movies”. We sincerely appreciate Saps At Sea Grand Sheik, John Field and David Webb for making the long drive up from San Diego to be with us for the evening. To Stan Taffel, our gratitude to you for your skills and excellence at the projectors. Ken Runyan had another one of his creative Laurel & Hardy displays on hand, this time from “Berth Marks” complete with the Pottsville station. We enjoyed seeing our friends Tobin Larson and Jana Rosenblatt (who were attending their first ETB Tent meeting) as well as Denise Kress and Francis Glebas. Our “Night Owls” Mark and Karen Lochte were on hand once again to help us with the clean up and putting everything back in order. A very special thank you to the student volunteers from Temple City High School for their help with setting up the room before our meeting. Last but not least, we are, of course, always very grateful to the many members and guests who joined for this memorable and fun evening.

 Final Meeting - December 10, 2016

The final meeting of the Early To Bed Tent - Oasis 239 will be taking place at our new start time: 6:00PM on Saturday evening, December 10, 2016 at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, located at 9642 East Live Oak Avenue in Temple City, California.


This meeting will be our 14th annual "Silent Night" of classic comedies with Dean Mora's musical magic at the piano and Joe Rinaudo with Gary Gibson projecting these wonderful films on Joe's rare 1909 hand-cranked Powers Cameragraph Motion Picture Machine. At this gathering, we will also be asking you to remember families in need with a donation of canned goods for La Casa de San Gabriel.


As always, our ETB Tent refreshment stand, our traditional raffle along with some delicious cake to celebrate the upcoming holiday season will be part of the festivities. The doors open up at 5:15PM and the meeting begins at 6:00PM. We hope that you will be able join us one last time for an evening of fun and laughter with the Early To Bed Tent.



Film Program

The Rat's Knuckles  (1925)

Wandering Willies  (1926) 

The Sawmill  (1922)

Angora Love  (1929)

Putting Pants On Philip  (1927)

Liberty  (1929)