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Last Meeting - December 13, 2014

The Early To Bed Tent held their final meeting of 2014 on Saturday evening, December 13th. The festivities began with Bob Duncan leading us in the singing of the Sons Of The Desert song along with the toasts to those incomparable and impressive supporting players from the Hal Roach Studios. A very special toast was offered to Stan Laurel’s daughter, Lois Laurel Hawes, who had celebrated her birthday earlier in the week. We were very happy to welcome Gene Sorkin, Grand Sheik of The Chimp Tent from Cincinnati, Ohio and Cliff Retallick’s wifeMarie, as they joined us for the evening. This meeting featured our 12th Annual “Silent Night” film program. Joe Rinaudo presented these great classic comedies on his vintage hand cranked 35mm projector complete with Gary Gibson showing original glass slides between each film. Accompanying Joe and Gary this year at the piano was Cliff Retallick, making his Early To Bed Tent debut. Cliff’s creative and wonderful musical talent was very much enjoyed by all. The show began with Stan and Ollie in the pie fight sequence from “The Battle Of The Century” followed by “The Grocery Clerk” starring Larry Semon in one of his more frenetic and exciting two-reelers. After a brief intermission, Charile Chaplin took center stage in “The Rink” along with “Crazy Like A Fox” starring Charley Chase which included a cameo appearance by Oliver Hardy. During our next intermission, all in attendance enjoyed a slice of cake to celebrate the holiday season. Plus six ETB Tent members won some very nice raffle prizes. Our final segment began with a bouncing ball “sing-a-long” of Jingle Bells. Laurel & Hardy closed out 2014 on a high note starring in “That’s My Wife” and “Double Whoopee”. Joe, Gary and Cliif ended the program with our traditional sing-a-long of Auld Lang Syne. To Joe Rinaudo, Gary Gibson and Cliff Retallick a huge thank you for making this year’s finale another memorable evening for the ETB Tent. Our gratitude goes to Bob Duncan for bringing several vintage photos, Richard Currier’s continuity to “Hats Off” and his collection of letters from Stan Laurel to share with everyone. We want to take this opportunity to acknowledge our members and guests who generously brought canned goods that were donated to La Casa de San Gabriel.  As always, to our many members and guests who traveled from near and far, our sincere appreciation is shared with all of you. Finally, to our ever faithful “Night Owls” who stayed after the meeting to help us close up shop, our undying appreciation goes to you.    

One Of Our December 2014 Holiday Cakes

Next Meeting - January 17, 2015
The Early To Bed Tent - Oasis 239  will be starting off the new year on Saturday evening, January 17, 2015 with a celebration of the 123rd anniversary in honor of the birthdays of Oliver Hardy and Hal Roach. Our special guest for the evening will be Craig Calman, author of the recently released book titled 100 Years Of Brodies With Hal Roach. Craig will share memories of his friendship with "The Boss" and his career beginning with Mr. Roach's 1912 arrival in Hollywood all the way through the rest of his remarkable life. Plus, we'll be presenting two Laurel & Hardy classic shorts and selected Hal Roach Studios two-reel comedies in our film program. Birthday cakes honoring these two comedy legends will be included in the evening's fun. Our traditional raffle and ETB Tent refreshement bar will be ready for you as well. We hope you can join us as we begin another year of laughter and friendship at the Early To Bed Tent. 


Film Program

Should Husbands Pay?  (1926)

Luncheon At Twelve   (1933)

Their First Mistake  (1932)

Towed In Hole  (1932)

Stan and Ollie in "Towed In A Hole" (1932)