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Last Meeting - June 11, 2016

The Early To Bed Tent’s most recent meeting took place on Saturday evening June 11, 2016 with a unique celebration in honor of the 126th anniversary of Stan Laurel’s birth and also a special salute to Hal Roach Studios supporting player, Martha Sleeper on the 106th anniversary of her birth. The evening began as Bob Duncan led us all in the singing of the Sons Of The Desert song along with the toasts to Stan, Babe and those magical mirth makers at the “Lot Of Fun” in Culver City. After some announcements, Bob shared a very interesting and detailed profile of Martha Sleeper’s life as two short comedies, “Bad Boy” with Charley Chase and “Pass The Gravy” with Max Davidson were screened in between the two biographical segments. Both of these two-reelers featured Martha prominently. During our first intermission, everyone had the chance to enjoy some delicious cake in honor of our two birthday celebrities.  Next up, Stan and Ollie did their best to survive a cold winter in “Below Zero” followed by their many ups and downs in “Dirty Work” with the mad scientist, Professor Noodle.  During our next break, eight happy winners took home some nice prizes from our traditional raffle.  The evening concluded with Laurel & Hardy trying to live with Ethel the Chimp and a flea circus in “The Chimp” from 1932.  A very sincere thank you goes to our good friend Bob Duncan, not only for his informative talk on Martha Sleeper, but also for his amazing display of memorabilia that he has collected over the years from the many aspects of Martha’s life. This was really quite an exhibit that was enjoyed by all who saw it. Our thanks also goes to Martie Nowland for helping out with selling of the raffle tickets. Our gratitude is shared with Karen Lochte and Steve Nelson for their efforts in the kitchen. Once again, Stan Taffel flawlessly projected the films for us.  To him, a “splice free” thank you. Ken Runyan was kind enough to share a unique piece of artwork of Stan and Ollie titled “Buddies” and Steve Asimow played the piano for us during our last break. Mark Lochte, as always, your help after the meeting is very much appreciated. To our “Night Owls” who were kind enough to help us with the moving and stacking of the chairs at the evening’s conclusion, a big thank you to everyone.  A big acknowledgment goes to the student volunteers from Temple City High School who gave us their dependable assistance before our meeting helping us set up everything. Last but not least, a salute of gratefulness to our members and guests who drove near and far to be with us for this special gathering.    

 Next Meeting - August 13, 2016

The next meeting of the Early To Bed Tent - Oasis 239 will be taking place on Saturday evening, August 13, 2016 at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, located at 9642 East Live Oak Avenue in Temple City, California. This meeting will highlight our 6th annual fundraiser for the Laurel and Hardy Preservation Fund through the UCLA Film & Preservation Archive. ALL of the proceeds from the raffle during our August meeting will be donated to this effort. Along with a great film program, you will also have a chance to win some prizes in our traditional raffle. Plus, the ETB Tent refreshment bar serving up hot dogs, ice cream, beverages and more. The doors open up at 6:00PM and the meeting begins at 6:45PM. We hope that you will be able join us for another evening of fun and laughter with the Early To Bed Tent.

Film Program

Seeing Stars  (1932)

Limousine Love  (1928)

Blotto  (1930)

The Golden Age Of Comedy  (1957)